The solidity of the company and the almost 60 years of work are a consequence of an attention to technological innovation to keep up with time and offer high-tech solutions.
We offer:

  • Switchboards for new or existing pellet mills, complete plants and pelleting lines.
  • Automation control for new or existing machines, complete plants and lines:

Process control;
Integration with the information system of the company;
Pick up and analysis of production dates;
Traceability of the entirely production chain.

  • Electronic control system, regulation and automatic optimization of pellet mills and of pelleting lines permits to obtain on the process:

Repetitiveness of the product;
Energy savings;
Increase of the productivity;
Less spare parts wearing;
Possibility of remote supervision;
Automatic conduction of the machines without the presence of the operator;
Amperometric control of the main motor and automatic regulation of the feeder speed;
Control of the temperature of the mixture entering the pellet mill;
Control of the percentages of liquids addition in the press conditioner;
Control of steam addition;
Remedial strategies to prevent machine blocking;
Control of belt slipping;
Control of rolls slipping;
Control of eventual bridges in feeding hopper.

  • Electronic control system and control and optimization of the complete production process of the feed mill, from the pit and reception of raw materials, to the packing and delivery in bulk, managing and automating all the intermediate working phases as:

Dosage and formulation;
grinding line (mills);
pellet mills, extruders, sanification machines, conditioners etc.;
packaging line and the bulk delivery line.

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