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Why choose for General Dies?

In a wider market, which sees new realities, we always united to our long experience the newest and best technologies: this is allowing us to apply the highest qualitative standards. Moreover, in a time in which the attention is towards quantities and not quality, we aim to offer our Client service and assistance of excellent quality.

Some of the reasons to choose for General Dies:

  • Almost 60 years on the market
  • Presence of staff with over 50 years experience, able to advise and suggest the best possible options for the Client
  • References in the whole world
  • Production in our establishment in Italy with the best raw materials
  • Professional, qualified and competence of our staff
  • Accuracy of our after-sales service
  • Complete availability to pay visit to plants of our Clients
  • We never leave the Client alone, but we assist in any difficulty and are always available for visits on site
  • Trustworthiness: we are a solid company, present on the national market as well as the international market and with co-workers that understand and respect our unchanged values, such as capability and accuracy, which have characterized our company from the beginning
  • Because we have a lot of agents on the territory, that speak the client’s language, have a direct contact and communicate with a person that knows custom and bureaucracy of the country
  • You can speak your own language: our sales people speak: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arab, Rumanian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Serbian and Polish
  • Because we are not only sales people, but most of all technicians
  • Production flexibility of machines and spares: we listen to the necessity of the Client and find a specially-made solution, also if not standard
  • Flexible paying methods, once the Clients have been checked
  • Quality of machines and spares: continuous improvements of production processes and constant attention to the quality of raw materials and the components that bring optimal results
  • Possibility to make pelleting trials, for free (if followed by a purchase), in our trials laboratory, verifying if a certain product can be pelleted
  • Maintenance programme in Italy and surrounding countries, that avoid breakdowns en thus useless costs
  • We have so much faith in our own machinery that we buy used machines once a Client for whatever reason closes a factory, we revise them and sell them as used machinery as new
  • Availability of used machines, revised as new, at competitive prices
  • We don’t want to be your supplier, we would like to be your partner!
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