cold plast blackCold Plast is the acronym of new revolutionary technology able to prepare thermoplastic -based materials (blends, compounds and composites) starting from the powder of the components utilizing only a cellulose binder able to act at room temperature.

Of course this cold process permits to save energy and to obtain homogeneous particle mixtures linked together at microscopic level keeping good technological properties. The only solvent that is used, at low percentages, is water and so this procedure can be defined as a clean and environmental friendly technology.

This new technology produces pellets that can be subsequently processed by using traditional plastic equipments such as extrusion, injection moulding and so on.

In order to produce these pellets a special new machinery was designed to get by Cold Plasting homogeneous compressed/extruded product.

Different blends, compounds and composites have already prepared and characterized by using Cold Plast technology.

In the following table some data referred to a Polycarbonate/ABS/SAN blend are shown. In particular pellets of this material were produced by mixing powders of PC, ABS and SAN and 3 % of cellulose binder by using an appropriate pelleting equipment. Subsequently PC/ABS/SAN/FV blend samples were prepared by using injection moulding machine and characterized.

(65% PC + 25% ABS + 10% SAN) BLEND

PropertiesISO StandardMeasure UnitTypical Values
M.F.I. 260°C/5 Kg1133g/10′19.4
IZOD Resilience c.i. 4 mm180/1AKJ/m²37
CHARPY Resilience s.i. 4 mm179/1eUKJ/m²NB
VICAT B/ 50°C306°C110
Flexural Max load178MPa67
Elastic Modulus178MPa2000
H.D.T. 1.82 MPa75°C105
Tensile max load527MPaAt yield 41.6 | At break 36.3
Tensile elongation527%At yield 6.4 | At break 40
Longitudinal shrinkageinternal%1

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